Tales of a Graduate Teacher #2

7 05 2012

A grade 3 boy excitedly approached me with the most amazing news!

He said, “if you type ’14’ in a calculator and then turn it up-side-down it says ‘hi'”.

How long will this innocent mind last…?


Geelong Show Meat Competition?

21 10 2009

Geelong Show Meat Competition

I have no idea how this works…

New Driver’s Licence

1 09 2009

I renewed my driver’s licence today. Which means no more ‘P’ plates! Well…not until the 29th of September. But I have the card to prove it.

I was going to do it yesterday. So I had a shower, shaved (the tiny amount of hair on my face from a week’s growth) and put on a nice shirt ready to go get
a  photo that was going to last me 10 years. I wanted it to be good. Anyway, so I got there ‘just in time’ at 4:55pm.

Oh, why thank you VicRoads! We close at 4:30. Oh well…

So I went back this morning, with much less effort. Got straight to a person at the desk and did it all with in 10 minutes.

I was quite entertained when I noticed the girl at the desk laugh at my photo moments before handed me my licence. I don’t think she knew,
let alone cared that I saw her laugh. But anyway… here is what I got:

Full Licence

I thought I would also add my P’s and Learner’s Permit photos just for a comparison of me. Just look at how I’ve changed… if at all.

Learner's Permit

You can tell that I had braces at this stage, which is why I wouldn’t open my mouth to smile. What a disappointment. I can’t now look back and admire my shiny teeth.

Probationary Licence

…maybe they’re not so bad

10 08 2008
Happy Birthday!

Dear Stephen,

We would like to wish you a happy birthday and hope the coming year is prosperous and full of happiness!

From all the staff at Etax Accountants.

DISCLAIMER: Whilst every care has been exercised in the compilation of this email, Etax, in making it available to you, will not be liable for errors or omissions in the material or data in this email, or for any consequences arising from such errors or omissions. This letter should not be relied upon as a substitute for detailed advice.


18 05 2008

This image made me laugh very loudly!!!

This really cracked me up!