Tales of a Graduate Teacher #5

5 06 2012

I showed my prep students this video as an introduction to making some fun movies in a lesson.

It turned out to be a little scarier for them than expected! Haha

We made one with them too, after explaining that it’s all fake and just made “with a computer”. It was slightly amusing to hear one student whisper to another “I’m scared, are you?”

We made some ‘happy movies’ after this using fun costumes.



Tales of a Graduate Teacher #4

5 06 2012

Interesting show and tell today!

One little girl brought in some very pretty pink and purple, sparkly fairy wings…


…and a whip!

She was excited to tell us about her dad’s whip and proudly showed off her wings.

The Lion King Opening Scene

2 06 2012

A funny re-enactment I did with a mate for a trivia night!

Tales of a Graduate Teacher #3

17 05 2012

I overheard a student shout at another student today:
“You said the ‘f’ word!!! You said ‘hate’!”

Some more explicit teaching required, I think…

Tales of a Graduate Teacher #1

7 05 2012

As I was accompanying my prep class to assembly I noticed one boy hanging back and walking very slowly. I approached him and asked if he was ok. He responded with; “no” which didn’t change my options. He still had to get to assembly. 

I began to walk with him and he grabbed my hand. I walked with him but he seemed to struggle along and was constantly running his hands along the wall next to us. He had a sore leg and I thought it would be best that we swap sides so he could use the rail. 

I moved to his other side and grabbed his hand. As I grabbed it he calmly said; “that’s my wart hand”.

…I quickly swapped back and we got to assembly safely. I hand sanitised as soon as I got back to the classroom.  

Solar System Adventure

22 02 2012

Here’s a video I made with a teacher friend to teach our class about the Solar System. I’m pretty proud of it.

Old Lightsabre fight

19 02 2012